Jun 10, 2010

The Bridgewater Triangle

I love me some shit like this.
Clicky Clicky to Biggy Biggy
Horrors straight outta the X-Files or H.P. Lovecraft's twisted mind.  That's what has supposedly been going on in this sleepy corner of southeastern Massachussets for several hundred years now.  And just like a certain sly Fox Mulder, I wanna believe.

Of course, I've never actually seen any of this crap with my own ocular appendages, ya see.  But I'm on the lookout for some stuff.  Oh yeah.  Every single time I'm out at night, I usually take a few moments to scour the skies.  Looking for one of them UFOs maybe.  The way I figure it, there's gotta be some intelligent life out there somewhere.  No way we can be the smartest eggs in the basket.  We seem to prove that every day.

Then there are the ghosties, goblins, black helicopters, giant serpents and Bigfeet (Bigfoots?) going on in that area.  I ain't never seen me any of them things neither.  I stayed with some friends in Boston once.  They were renting the upstairs apartment of this great old place that had been around since before the American Revolution.  They had converted the attic into a spare bedroom, and that's where I was gonna be staying.  Right before I turned in for the night, my buddy tells me "Oh, by the way...that room is haunted by ghost.  Some British Colonel or something who died in the Revolutionary War.  He seems pretty harmless though.  Good night!"  That's a helluva thing to throw at someone's psyche right before they go to bed.  In case you are wondering, I didn't see shit that night.  Didn't sleep well either, but that's only because it's not easy sleeping with your eyes open. 

So I'm always glued to the web when a new story about an old beastie comes to light.  And I'm hoping that one of these times we get some definitive proof about a giant lizard swimming in an ancient loch or a super-sized man-ape living in the woods of Kentucky or a mysterious sea monster that washes up on a beach in South America.

Because I wanna believe. 
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Poppy said...

I have a really hard time believing in stuff like this because I've never seen it. I don't deny other people their experience, I think they really had it, but what is the afterlife waiting for with me? I want to see them.

Verdant Earl said...

Poppy - Oh, I'm a Scully myself as well. I want to be a Mulder, but right now I'm definitely a Scully. Probably the reason I became an agnostic. Not X-Files, just the "have to see it to believe it" science guy in me. Ya know?

Slyde said...


RW said...

I'm a subscriber to Mr Randi's Skeptic Magazine. I will let you imagine what I think of this folderol. Next thing you know - XENU!

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - Hoo.

RW - Hey, as long as some hack sci-fi writer doesn't make a relig...er, cult out of this stuff, then I'm all in. Once I experience it first-hand, that is.

sybil law said...

Yeah, I have a hard time believing this stuff, too, but I WANT to.

Heff said...

"Shick Sun Presents....."


Kevin Spencer said...

Good lord I bloody loved the X-Files. One of, if not the, best shows on TV I've ever seen.

Bruce Johnson said...

Sort of sounds like the triangle of very, very heavy drinking to me.

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - We shall be Mulders one day!

Heff - I think I missed sumthin' here. Huh?

Kevin - Yeah, every season is available for Instant streaming on NetFlix. I may have to re-watch the first few seasons this summer.

Bruce - Ha! They all do seem to fit a certain pattern, don't they?

white rabbit said...

On extra-terrestrials my mind is open - just about - by a crack. I'm strongly inclined against it. Where are these guys? And would be want to meet thenm if they existed.

Verdant Earl said...

Wabbit - It's a big horkin' universe, man.