Apr 1, 2011

Intro Music

One of the things we talked about on the radio show (you know about that, right?) a few weeks ago was the lack of intro music on our show, and the fun intro music that ballplayers have when they come to bat each game.  That's gotta be something fun to pick out, right?

Well, check out Curtis Granderson of the NY Yankees and the agonizing effort it takes to pick your own intro music.  Hey, he has Tom Waits, Pete Townshend and the Foo Fighters in his iTunes library. Already cool in my book. Now even cooler for making this video.

So right before his first AB during the Yankees home opener on Thursday afternoon, some enterprising person in the Yankees' organization decided to play "Friday" as his intro music. According the man himself on Twitter, it was a prank someone pulled on him and he is ready for a prank war. AWESOME!!!

One more reason to love the Yankees.  Curtis Granderson.

In related news, here are a few things that were overheard on last night's Very Special Episode of Just Talking to the Cornfield
  • My cat is a serious asshole.
  • My asshole had some serious problems.
  • I used the term "full-blown retard" more than once.
  • We may have offended Cubans and Panamanians.  
  • I'm a little gay for Jim Thome.  Just a little.
You should check it out.  Either on Talkshoe or on iTunes.  If you didn't hate/love us before, you certainly will after listening to this Very Special Episode.

Tune in on Talkshoe this Sunday at 9PM EST to see who else we can offend.  The world is our oyster.  Hehehe.


Slyde said...

your intro music should be something tastefull from "Right Said Fred"

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - Only if you sing it for me, snookums.

sybil law said...

"Hipe Hug Her" - my pick for song.
Show was great - until my sound stopped!

sybil law said...

Sooo tired today...

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - Booker T & the MG's....nice!

Kevin McKeever said...

Congrats on winning opening day. It's all down hill from there.

Oh, wait ... I'm thinking of my Mets.

Verdant Earl said...

Uncool - Aren't the Mets perfect this season so far? Haven't lost a game yet. ;)

hello haha narf said...

i watched that video and then the next song up was friday. i know no longer live under a rock, i finally know who rebecca black is. and i kinda hate you a little bit because of it.

Verdant Earl said...

Becky - I don't blame you. I kinda hate myself a little bit because of it too.

LegalMist said...