Apr 12, 2011

Out of Pandora's Box

Pandora, as in the internet radio site.  See what I did there?

Guy Davis is the son of acting legends Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee.  He's also an amazing blues musician and banjo (!) player. Check, check, check...check it out.

Leonard Cohen has been a recent favorite of mine. Here's one that was pretty popular in its time, but I heard for the very first time yesterday, and I instantly dug the hell outta it. Go figger!

This next one smacked me right in the face, and immediately had me looking up who Dave Van Ronk was. He was an American folk singer from Brooklyn and a big-time presence in Greenwich Village back in the day. This one is done to the tune of Byker Hill, an English folk song about coal miners. He updated it for the Vietnam War and Patrick Sky originally recorded it. Here is his version. Wow. "...and now I'm a fucking hero."


Unknown said...

I love the music PANDORA hips me to.

Don't you agree, it needs a way to create mood stations?

Thanks for sharing.

And remember...rock out with your cock out

Slyde said...

From what i've heard, YOU were ALSO a big-time presence in Greenwich Village back in the day.


Heff said...

Although I STILL prefer to simply steal mp3's, Pandora IS a great tool to discover other artist's music to steal also, lol.

Verdant Earl said...

Annabelle - Well, you can pick a few songs and create your own mood station. Right?

Slyde - Don't go pretending like you know anything about NYC, hater.

Heff - The rare Heff sighting. How ya doin', sir?

sybil law said...

Weird, because I've recently been listening to Leonard Cohen, too.
The last song is awesome.
Guy Davis is awesome.
Clearly, I'm not communicative today. This post is awesome!

Bruce Johnson said...

I am starting to realize that folk music is in reality the white man's rap music....long before there was rap music.

That Dave Von Ronk song kicks ass!

(if you search for it, try and find an original recording of "Big Rock Candy Mountain". I know it is on the soundtrack of the Cohen Brother's film "Brother Where For Art Thou?". Railroad Hobo's singing about 'the man', and the world when they are all gone.)

Jimmy said...

I once slept with a lovely girl by the name of Pandora. Let me tell you, I opened up her box on more than one occasion that night.

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - Doesn't that last tune just punch you in the gut?

Bruce - I've heard that one. Great song!

Jimmy - And there it is. Well done, sir! :)