Apr 25, 2011


Had a weird sleep weekend which I hope doesn't translate into a weird sleep week or something.

Friday night was an absolutely drinktastic new episode of Just Talking to the Cornfield. If you want to hear what The Colonel sounds like drunk off of his ass, then this episode is for you.  I wasn't quite so gone baby gone, but the words "huge Dominican cock" were uttered by me at one point.  Yeah.  So be sure to download the episode on Talkshoe or iTunes.  You will be disappointed.

The cats, one asshole in particular, woke me up early on Saturday after about 4 and 1/2 hours of sleep.  Not my favorite way to begin a Saturday.  Especially when I found it difficult to fall back asleep.  After a little while I stopped trying, but late Saturday afternoon I was able to fit in a decent little nap.  Now the problem?  I wasn't tired at all on Saturday night. 

So I stayed up.

All.  Night.  Long.

I re-watched Gangs of New York (man...Cameron Diaz? WTF?) and I finished a book I had been reading.  And read a bunch of stuff online.  Next thing I knew, it was 7AM on Easter Sunday morning.  Yikes!  That was okay.  We had dinner plans later on in the day, and it was a foggy, crappy morning.  Almost perfect for sleeping, so I gave it a shot and managed to get a decent 5 hours in, waking up at noon.

Which was fine, really.  I hadn't been drinking or carousing on Saturday, so a five-hour recharge is usually perfect for me.  Except that it wasn't and by the time we got home on Sunday, at 7:30PM, I could barely keep my eyes open.  So I didn't and I fell asleep. For a few hours.

Now, it's a little past 11:30PM on Sunday night as I type this and I'm wide awake again.  I somehow managed to get in a little over 8 hours of sleep today, but it was all the wrong hours and I have this sinking dread that I'm going to be up all night again.

So if you see me roaming the blogosphere or Twitter early on Monday AM (after midnight), tell me to get my ass back to bed.  Because I'll pay for it tomorrow if I don't


Commander Zaius said...

I work third shift Sunday night to Friday morning and since Friday is my "Saturday" I often try and stay awake at least most of the day to get things done and maybe have a little fun.

My energy usually runs out around 10:00pm Friday and I sleep pretty good after that. Did not sleep worth a damn Friday or Saturday night and woke up feeling like a semi had run over me.

For years I did third shift without any problems but I guess my age is finally catching up with me.

Slyde said...

i KNEW that was you outside my window last night at 3AM jerking off... i just KNEW IT!

Avitable said...

This is when it's nice to have Klonopin. Knocks me out.

sybil law said...

Not having my kid here most of the week was nice (even though I missed the hell out of her), but sleep -wise, it was a total disaster for me. Last night I finally went to sleep at a decent time, but holy crap - today I feel like I could sleep all day! (The near constant rain outside doesn't help, either!)

Verdant Earl said...

Beach Bum - I had a job in college each summer at a large bank. Three nights a week from 6:30PM to 8AM. So it came out to 40hrs a week in 3 nights AND I got paid more because it was nighttime. And the 4 day weekends were nice. Best job I ever had. I could've done that forever.

Slyde - Actually, I was standing at the foot of you bed. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!!!

Adam - Yeah, the only real medication I take is bourbon. And I overdid it on Friday night, so Saturday I went without. Pity.

Sybil - The constant rain is affecting my energy too.

Unknown said...

Not a great weekend for the sleeeping.

The youngest is sick and she'll take an entire house down with her. She goes from her four year old self back to infany and you're up with her every two hours.

I've been on a jacked up routine since Friday night. She and I are home today and while she's napping now, if I did so I'd be wide awake at 2am, worried about how I missed work today and pissed because by then I'll have read all my blogs.

Verdant Earl said...

Annabelle - This is usually where I say "That's why I have cats", but they have been affecting my sleep routine as well. So...