Apr 20, 2009

Hot, hot, hot

So remember how we adopted those kittens a few months ago? Well, we had Wolowitz fixed a while ago when he needed x-rays. No reason to put him under for two seperate visits, right? We waited on Gogo because the Vet said there was no rush. Just make sure to do it at or around the six-month mark.

Well, we think she is around 20 weeks old right now. That would put her between four and five months old. I made an appointment for this coming Thursday for her "procedure". Felt it was about time.

So, of course, she went into heat over the weekend. She is coo-ing and warbling and acting all kinds of weird the past few days. Fucking figures. Now we have to wait a couple of weeks, we think. Does anyone have any experience with female kittens going into heat? I'm calling the vet tomorrow for advice.

So in Gog's honor, here is The Cure. with "Hot Hot Hot". Talk about your weird cooing and warbling.


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. All the kittens in heat are doing it.


Mrs. Hall said...

OK THEN!!! weirdest video ever!!!

i've only had one kitty 'in season' and it was very annoying. keep us posted if you figure out what you can do.

i can say though, the vocals on that video are exactly like a KITTY IN HEAT!! and so wierd this video, but very nice with the matching sunglasses and 'dorf' ending.

dorf right? ahhh... good luck anyway :)

Mrs. Hall said...

omg it is 'dorf'. how in the hell did i call that up from my brain. I have never seen that show, ever, might have seen a commercial once. like 20 years ago. wierder still.

jesus. ok mystery of the universe i guess. wierd . . . .

~E said...

I don't like cats. Well, no I lie. I am indifferent to them when they belong to other people. Bad experience involving my ear, the cat's ear, and a deadly pair of claws (on the cat, not me).

P.S. That video is gonna give me nightmares for a week. Thanks SO much! :(

Barlinnie said...

A seamless link... nice work sir.

Michelle said...

Video totally cool!

Cat, I have no clue unless hot flashes in a woman not ready for them count as being in heat??

Oh lord!!


New York City's Watchdog said...

My mom had that happen with the two girl kitties she took in from the backyard.

Other than them literally throwing themselves at anything with a hint of testosterone... there really wasn't much she could do.

It freaked out the 17 year old male she had when the kitten would jump in front of him while he was on the way to the litter box in the "take me now!!!" position.

I think its like 3 weeks you have to wait or something.

Kate said...

She'll be in heat about 7-10 days. Just wait it out, and of course, don't let her outside!

She can still go through the procedure, in heat or not.

We had our cat Spooky for nearly a year before we had her spayed. Lot's of experience!


Slyde said...

i found that kicking them helps...

Verdant Earl said...

Holly - Ha! Dorf. I had (thankfully) almost forgotten about that schtick.

~E - no problem. Nightmares are my forte. ;)

Jimmy - twas semi-brilliant, wasn't it?

Michelle - oh Lord, indeed!

Dawg - Thankfully our girl is an indoor kitten. No tomcats on the prowl for her scent.

Kate - cool...thanks for the info!

Slyde - like you would ever kick your cat, you big softie you.

marty mankins said...

Ok, big Cure fan here. Love that song.

Adding green Tabasco to my eggs this last weekend was hot, but not as hot as I could have had them.

marty mankins said...

Oh... cats in heat... My bad. I was thinking the wrong kind of hot.

Our remaining older cat howls, but not from being in heat. He's just spoiled and wants in all the time.

Elise said...


My cat was on heat last week. The poor thing was rolling around on the floor crying out.

There's a male cat that sits outside the window meowing at her. Solicitor got quite defensive when I suggested that we should let her out. His exact words were:

"She's only two years old! There's no way I'll have any cat of mine behaving like a slut."


Verdant Earl said...

Marty - the green is tasty, but very mild.

Elise - That's funny. But what is 2 in cat years? Maybe it is okay for her to be a slut. ;)