Apr 5, 2009

Twice now

I like to sleep with a large cup of water near me because I often wake up thirsty in the middle of the night.

The new kittens see this as an opportunity to dump said cup of water on my head while I am sleeping.


I think twice is enough. Guess I'll have to head to the kitchen if I want a drink. Fucking cats.


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. All the crazy kittens are doing it.


Michelle said...

How about a bottled water like poland spring?

Harder to dump perhaps??


Avitable said...

Yeah, I was going to suggest what Michelle said. Either a bottle of water with a cap, or a heavy coffee mug.

Verdant Earl said...

Yeah, a bottle of water it will have to be. The first time was a coffee mug, last night was the largest cup we have in the house. A 1.2 liter monstrosity. I filled it up to the top thinking that would be hard for them to knock over. Nuh uh. Just got me wetter.

elizabeth said...

Two words dude; sippie cup.

elizabeth said...

Hey. Weird... we just commented at the exact same time. *shiver*

Barlinnie said...

There'll come a time when the only wet kitty in the house will be these memories my friend.

Enjoy while you can.

Anonymous said...

Hrmmmm, everyone else already said bottled water. So, I'll just say "Fucking cats!".

Sidebar: My cat is named F.C. and yes, it stands for what you think it stands for!

Rachel said...

I was gonna say bottled water also So much for being clever

Heff said...

Your cats hate you. Admit it.

Mrs. Hall said...

ok yeah, what irriates the FUCK out of me when it comes to cats is how you cannot shut a door.

because even if you have not seen the cat for SIX DAYS if you shot the door then BAM the cat wants in or out. and they howl and scratch.

except all my cats are declawed so it sounds like tiny boxing gloves, only muffled.

ok whew!

glad got that off my chest


Elise said...

Ever tried hanging up net curtains with a cat around?

A bottle of water sounds like a good idea xx

Verdant Earl said...

Liz - but we got the cats so we wouldn't have to own sippy cups!

Jimmy - true dat. Gia is still dealing with grief from when Syd passed.

Hilly - Nice! F.C. I love it!

Rachel - s'okay. You would have thought I would have thought of it, especially after the first time.

Heff - and they are trying to kill me. I know it.

Holly - all of our cats are indoor cats, but I know what you mean. Try to have a little privacy in the bathroom and they want to party.

Elise - making the bed is a fun one too. Wolowitz likes to jump under the sheets while you are doing it. Crazy cat.

hello haha narf said...

while i know it is wrong, i laughed at you getting wet in bed. because apparently i am a teenager again.

although i also cracked up at the sippy cup suggestion. me thinks i am just happy to have some free time to read about the kitty antics.

teeni said...

I have a glass carafe and cup combo thing (glass fits on top of the carafe upside down when not in use) that you can keep by your bed with water in it if you don't like bottled water. :) I'd gladly send it to you if it keeps you from getting wet and angry at the "kids." LOL.