Oct 9, 2009


I'm so freakin' stoked for Halloween this year that I can barely contain myself. The only way it could be better is if I were somehow able to squeeze in Adam's Halloween Extravaganza as well, but alas...no. I'll be in Charleston SC that night and the following weekend as well for the actual spooky day.

It's been a brilliant Autumn thus far. Nice and sunny (and windy) during the day, but sweatshirt weather at night. And this year we get damned close to a full moon on Halloween weekend. The actual full moon happens early on the morning of November 2nd, but that's close enough for rock and roll.

So, um, anyone know any cool places to go in Charleston for Halloween?  Hello?

So what are YOU doing for Halloween this year?


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. I'd go as a stupid wizard, but apparently I've done that before.


LegalMist said...

I love Halloween, too. Love the weather, and the fact that, finally, we can count on it at least cooling off at night, even if it's still hot during the day here in Tempe. I love watching the kids dress up and go trick-or-treating, love the candy, lovethe decorations, love wearing a costume myself.... and a good Halloween party can't be beat! Can't wait for it!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

We just put in a "real" fire pit in the back yard. Like a built in one made with cobbles and brick. (I feel like Pinnochio) Not like the one I had been using that I bought at homegoods.

I will be sittin around my new fire pit, hot,spiked, spiced cider in hand.

A little slice of heaven.

Verdant Earl said...

Mist - Last year we loaded up a cooler with, um, cocktails and headed over to Gia's sister house on Halloween. The entire community hangs out like a block party. Well, she moved now, so...

Candy - Ohhh...jealous! How about them Angels? ;)

Water Logged Canine said...

Here's what I have for you so far:

Scarecrows on the Square - October 16 – 31
More than 50 creative scarecrows made by families, schools and businesses are on display in Town Square in Summerville. Sponsored by Jr. Service League of Summerville. Call 843-873-8535 or visit www.visitsummerville.com.

Ghost Tales Storytelling Dinner - October 27 & 31
Special dinners on Oct. 27 & 31 at 6:30pm at Circa 1886, the popular restaurant on the grounds of Wentworth Mansion, will allow you to indulge in ghostly tales of the city's "spirited" residents. The restaurant's resident storyteller, Tim Lowry, will regale guests with stories of ghosties and ghoulies, and other things that go bump in the night. Call 843-853-7828 or visit www.wentworthmansion.com.

Halloween in the Swamp at Cypress Gardens - October 28 - 29
So popular we have to schedule it for two nights! Activities at Cypress Gardens include a haunted boat ride, fear challenge hall, haunted walking trails, marshmallow roast, kids fun hour, bonfire and storytelling. Main events not recommended for children under 12. Call 843-553-0515 or visit www.cypressgardens.org.

Summerville Ghost Walk and Harvest Moon Hayride – October 29
Town Square 6-9 p.m. Ghost stories at various downtown locations (OK for most kids). As hayrides wind through darkened streets, riders are entertained by music and special stories. Please call 843-821-7260 or visit www.visitsummerville.com.

Fish or Treat - October 30 - 31
Creepy, crawly creatures already call the SC Aquarium home, but beware... ghosts, goblins, and ghouls will join the aquatic animals at the Aquarium's annual Halloween celebration- Fish or Treat. Visitors can collect candy and ghoulish goodies in the galleries, enjoy divers of the deep, boogie at the monster mash dance party, and join in many games and activities. Guests are encouraged to come in their most creative costumes for a chance to win the celebrity-judged costume contest. 5-8pm. Please call 843-577-FISH or visit www.scaquarium.org.

Haunted Harbor Tours – October 1 - 31
Sandlapper Tours, offering the only harbor ghost tour in Charleston, welcomes guests to come aboard and explore the sites that cannot be reached by foot. Feel the cool breeze of the Charleston Harbor while hearing tales of lost fortune and tragic death. You will experience the fascinating horror of the Holy City's pirates, wars and storms. Call 843-849-8687 or visit www.SandlapperTours.com.

But you if you ask me where you can go? You can go to HELL!

Mrs. Hall said...

1. Pumpkin patch extravagansa (sp?)
2. Showing Pancake how to make her own costume. Just like Mommy use to make everyone's costumes (my brothers, my moms and Dad's)
3. With much hope, luck and LORD HEAR MY PRAYER!! Moving in to our new house the day before Halloween.


Slyde said...

one day, the world will see a picture of you dressed as gandalf...

one day.

p.s. Paranormal Activity Sunday morning? maybe? im not even sure i can go yet...

Verdant Earl said...

Doggie - Ain't you sweet!

Holly - squeeee!!!

sybil law said...

I am also NOT going to Adam's this year (sniff!), but I will be parading KISS around town, so there's that...

Dr Zibbs said...

No plans yet but I will be wearing a white wig, black lipstick and eyeliner.

Avitable said...

Wish you were able to make it - it would have been a blast!

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - No can do on Sunday. I'll call you.

Sybil - the actual band? ;)

Zibbs - how will that be any different from your everyday routine?

Adam - I'm looking forward to all the recap posts already.

Heff said...

I plan on watching ONLY the nude clips from all my favorite horror movies.


Mr. Skin.

Poppy said...

I get to see you anyway, nananananana!

See you tomorrow! :D

Verdant Earl said...

Heff - That Mr. Skin sure did all the hard work for us, didn't he? ;)

Poppy - those Florida folks don't know what they are missing! ;)

Barlinnie said...

The same as every year... getting quietly pished!

Verdant Earl said...

Jimmy - Good to see you back in action again, my man! The internets were sorely missing you!

savannah said...

damn, sugar, charleston is just a 2hr drive from savannah, the most haunted city in the country!! this halloween, we're going to be in napa drinking our way through the valley! xoxoxo

(by the by, check out the coast bar and grill in charleston. the best drummer around is there, quentin baxter! tell him your pal in savannah sent you!)

Barlinnie said...

Mr Earl, where else would I go for my baseball news but here?

Faiqa said...

People who aren't going to Adam's party will not get to hang out with me. I mean, I can't think of anything more horrifying that might happen to you on Halloween.

Screw Charleston. You belong in Florida with us. ;)