Apr 4, 2011

The Very Specific Genius of Jimmy Fallon

I think Jimmy Fallon's late night talk show sucks.

For the most part.  I don't like his monologues, his interview skills or that stupid bit where he writes letters to people.  Ugh...not funny.  And, unfortunately, that's 95% of the show.  It's still better than what Jay and Dave are doing earlier each night, but it's mostly drek.

Except for the bits that he does using guest stars, music and pure awesomeness.  Like when he did Neil Young singing Willow Smith's crappy song with Bruce Springsteen doing an impersonation of, well, a previous incarnation of himself.  Or when he and Justin Timberlake did the history of rap.  Pure awesomeness.

He did it again last week.  This time with Stephen Colbert doing a cover of "Friday" by Rebecca Black with a little help from Taylor Hicks, The Roots, the Knicks City Dancers and Fallon himself.   It's this kind of thing that makes me wish the rest of his show was a fraction as good.  I might even switch over from Craig Ferguson every once in a blue moon if that were true.


Paticus said...

I can agree with 90% of what you say here(minus the Letterman comment-I still think he's the king), in particular the Neil Young/Springsteen thing...That was genius.

Seals said...

That's why I would rather not watch the show and catch clips like this when something breaks out on the Internet.

LegalMist said...

You're right - this is pure awesomeness!

Verdant Earl said...

Paticus - I used to love Letterman, but whenever I watch now he just seems so disinterested.

Seals - Exactly! Same with SNL.

LM - In its purest form.

Jimmy said...

It took me a minute to realise that you were not talking about the Jimmy Fallon who drinks down at the Cleddans in Clydebank. Of course that Jimmy Fallon has a three legged greyhound by the name of Tinker, and can never drink more than his own bodyweight in creamy pints unless the moon is full. Come to think of it, he cannae sing that well either. Holy Christ, tis a hard life being this drunk and trying to hold a pencil in the dark sometimes.

Heff said...

Yep. Fallon sucks for the most part.

I don't like "The Roots", either.

The fact that Letterman doesn't give a damn anymore just makes it that much more funny to me.

marty mankins said...

Jimmy Fallon's Late Night gig is a lot like Conan when he first took over Late Night. Rugh, not that funny and hit and miss. Although I think Fallon is growing on people with his little skits that impress.

Mrs. Hall said...

because the originals are older and cheesy and belong to someone else's childhood. since I am not a child I can't view the orginals they way there were intended.

but these films, the ignite childlike delight and adult appreciation. this is not something the originals could do.

so that's why i can say the remakes are better than the originals!

tsk tsk indeed!

Verdant Earl said...

Holly - Without having seen the originals, it's a silly argument you are trying to make. See the originals, then you can draw a conclusion. Tsk tsk tsk.

Verdant Earl said...

Jimmy - I think I like your Mr. Fallon much better.

Heff - Who are you? ;)

Marty - I didn't really watch Conan at first, maybe I should have.