Apr 10, 2009

Baseball Season

I find it difficult to blog when baseball season starts. This year is worse because I joined a couple of fantasy baseball leagues, something I haven't done in a few years. It's a little overwhelming to get back into it all.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite baseball sites for anyone that cares:
  • Baseball Reference - Probably the most useful site on the Web for baseball statistics and analysis. Wanna know what happened in the bottom of the 7th in the 3rd game of the 1994 World Series? Ha. Trick question. There was no World Series in 1994. But if there was, you could find out about it here.
  • The LoHud Yankees Blog - LoHud refers to the Lower Hudson Valley here in New York State. This blog, by Peter Abraham, probably will only interest the Yankee fans out there. You mean you aren't Yankee fans? Fuckers!
  • Joe Posnanski - I mentioned this one the other day. Great writer! And he likes to mix in a whole range of topics to go along with the baseball stuff. Just a great site.
  • Bugs & Cranks - I've got a problem with one of the writers on this site, but generally it is a nice, light-hearted look at the world of baseball from a whole gaggle of different viewpoint. Oh, and that writer that I dislike? He emailed me an RSS feed that includes everything on the B&C site except for the stuff he writes. I thought that was decent of him. I still won't read his crap though.
  • MLB Trade Rumors - Exactly what the title says, and more! This site kept my baseball soul alive during the off season.
  • Sweet Spot - Senior baseball writer for ESPN.com, Rob Neyer now has a blog of his own on the site. I've been reading Neyer for just about as long as he has been on ESPN. Always great stuff.
There are more, but those are some of my favorites. If you are a baseball nut like me then you probably already read some or all of them. If you aren't a baseball nut like me then you probably didn't make it this far into the post. If you are a someplace in between then give them a look see.


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. All the Hall of Famers are doing it.


Kate said...

Enjoy the season!
I'll be watching Red Sox games out of the corner of my eyes...

Jennifer and Sandi said...

GO Peyton!!!!! Shit...I mean Go Twins! Love it!

Have a super Easter Weekend!

- Jennifer

Slyde said...

you should have added MY site... i plan on talking up baseball something fierce this year...

thats the sport where you kick the ball, right?

Heff said...

Ok, see ya after ball season, lol.

Michelle said...

Yeah, I am the one who didn't make it that far into the post!!! I kinda skipped ahead!!! :O)

Baseball is great though. I love to go to games in person and chill and have fun watching them pat each other's asses. Or is that football???


No more video fridays?

Mrs. Hall said...


I just spent like 45 minutes reading through Joanna Angel's sight. Very good read, funny, articulate. Interesting life and so normal. Odd really.

Then there is the um, vagina shots and boobie shots and shots wear she lezzies out. Which is so just, yeah, shocking but somehow fits into the milleu of the blog.


go baseball.


Seals said...

MLB Trade Rumors is awesome and Neyer is good for secondary topic stories, but I had to delete Bugs & Cranks from my feed. Just too much nonsense.

I pay $79 a year for a subscription to one Cardinals site and have about 60 other Cardinals blogs on my feedreader. That's plenty for me.

Besides, I'd rather know more about our fourth-rated minor league catcher, playing in Class A or something, than I would about the goings-on in Seattle or Tampa.

That's just me. After all those years as a sportswriter hating regional fans, I have become one.

Oh, well.

Verdant Earl said...

Kate - Why? They are gonna be great as usual.

Jenn - Twins, eh? Hehehe.

Slyde - it doesn't sound gay at all when you use words like "fierce".

Heff - C'mon...baseball!!!

Michelle - I'm in a music video rut right now.

Holly - see what I mean?

Seals - I have come close to deleting B&C many a time, but now that I have a feed without David Chalk's posts I can stand it much better. Eww, the last part of that sentence was way too clunky.

Mrs. Hall said...

"Turn Offs: People who stop me on the street to ask me if my tattoos hurt."-from Joanna Angel

OK THAT'S IT!! The site, it sucked me in again. Charming, weird, and intelligent, Complete with random flashes of boobies and her nethers. And she lezzes out with such lack of seriousness, randomly too.

That's good reading.

And it was so funny reading that line about the turn offs. SO GOD DAMN FUNNY!!!

I mean the definition of a tattoo includes having some dude inject ink with a gun that basically stabs you with a needle over and over and over again until it is all pretty.

so no, it doesn't hurt at all :)


with lots of dayquil and advil my fever is now down to 99.9 so i can get my butt out of bed and begin my great easter adventure.

thanks for letting me know about this site. Really, it cheered me all sorts of up today :)

take care

savannah said...

harumph, harumph, sugar! *bwahahahhaha*

i'm over sports reading and just doing sports watching this season... xoxox

Anonymous said...

Go, Go White Sox!

Wil Harrison.com

Kate said...

Why? Because honestly I don't care a whole lot about sports, but the dude I've been living with for the last 14 years does, so, ya know, it's always on.. I sorta care. And yea, the Sox should be great again. I have to fake the love for all my peeps. Cause I care.

And, like HH, I got side-tracked the other day by one of your non-baseball sites, but got way too distracted when I clicked on the link for the "Fucking Machine."
Which kind of reminds me of the old "Mike Hunt" jokes....

But, back to baseball.. One thing I must say, an afternoon ball game on the tube is a perfect backdrop for a summer nap. Whose with me on this?