Oct 3, 2009

Ocular Implants

There are lots of sci-fi chic inventions that, er, haven't been invented yet, but I sill yearn for. Flying cars, transporters, a mind-activated death ray.  Stuff like that.

But I would settle for a really good camera that took pictures of the world exactly as my eyes see it.  Some kind of implant that would allow me to just focus on something and snap a permanent picture.  You see, I'm camera-feeble.  I know how they work, but I just can't seem to get them to work the way that I want them to work.  Or I run into something that I would love to snap a picture of, but the only thing on me is my cell phone.  And cameras on cell phones are handy, but they don't take very good pictures.

Case in point.

Yesterday we had a beautiful, warm Autumn evening.  We were staying home, as I mentioned on Thursday, and I was watching a random movie or TV show.  I noticed around 10:30PM how warm and bright out it was, so I went outside.  A beautiful full moon instantly greeted me, high in the sky.  I knew that I just had to take a walk.

So I threw on some sandals and took a walk over the the bridge by our home that separates the upper and lower parts of the harbor.  And if you could have seen what I saw...well, I'm not sure there are enough words or the right words to describe the beauty.

There were some big, fluffy clouds racing across the sky, occasionally obscuring the Moon.  But when it was out and shining brightly, the scene over the harbor was amazing.  There were more swans on the water than I have ever seen.  It was like something out of a painting.  And the detail, thanks to the brightly-lit moon, was outstanding.  Everything was so crisp and clear and blue and white and....well, you get the picture.

And I'd love to share that particular scene with you, but technology has let me down again.

I need one of those ocular implanted, mind-activated, impossibly perfect cameras that haven't been invented yet.


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. Why don't we have flying cars yet?


Michelle said...

Wow intense!

I don't think I would need to see a photo of that after the way you described it ~ it is locked in my mind forever!!!

Why thank you SIR!

Verdant Earl said...

Michelle - my lame description paled in comparison to the real thing. It was very cool.

Poppy said...

It's such an achey feeling to want to share a visual moment with someone, but when there's no way to do that I find peace in thinking that moment was just for me. :)

Verdant Earl said...

Popp Rawket - that's a good way to look at it. :)

~E said...

...which is why I always carry a camera with me.

thanks for the description anyway. It sounds lovely!

Water Logged Canine said...

When I get angry with technology, I find the best thing to do is scream at and demean it...usually by pissing on or around it.

Poppy said...


hello haha narf said...

i'd love to have one of those cameras as well. my poor photography "skills" frustrate me to no end!

Verdant Earl said...

~E - Always carrying a camera, eh? Sounds like a woman with a big handbag. :)

Doggie - what do you do with technology that doesn't exist yet, but should? Hmm?

Popp Rawket - ;)

Becky - After I beta-test the first one, I'll make sure you are next in line. :)