Aug 5, 2008

We are all made of stars

Primordial particles, hyrdrogen molecules, clouds of dust.
Expanding, compacting...we are begun.
It's so dense in here. Gravity crushes us.
We come together in form. Alchemy brings us closer to One.

A star is born.

OK, let's play spot the cameo appearance, shall we? I'll fill in the answers when you guess 'em.

Verne Troyer - guessed by Steph.
Gary Coleman - guessed by badgerdaddy.
Sean Bean - guessed by badgerdaddy.
Ron Jeremy - guessed by badgerdaddy.
Toxic Avenger - guessed by badgerdaddy.
Corey Feldman - guessed by badgerdaddy.
Kato Kaelin - guessed by Water Logged Canine.
Todd Bridges - guessed by Water Logged Canine.
Dave Navaroo - guessed by Water Logged Canine.
JC Chavez - guessed by Water Logged Canine.
Thora Birch - guessed by Water Logged Canine.
Tommy Lee - guessed by Water Logged Canine.

No one guessed:
Leelee Sobieski
Robert Evans
Molly Sims
Dominique Swain or
Angelyne (but I think only LA folk know her)

Random Wiki: Here we have the international rankings for Albania. While it does pretty well in Environmental issues and life expectancy, it's pretty fucking small in all other ways. Damn! This might be the most boring page on the entire site. I'm forced to let you know that Eliza Dushku is of Albanian descent. You are very welcome.


Anonymous said...

I had never seen this video. There are a lot of stars in there! Are you going to list them all for us later? I didn't recognize some of them.

Verdant Earl said...

Teeni - I will list the cameos in a day or so. There are some crazy ones in there.

SK Waller said...

It's Mini-Me! Well, not Mimi-ME, Mini-Dr. Evil.

badgerdaddy said...

I'm not sure about most of these because the ones I think I recognised are pretty heavily made-up...

Gary Coleman (really not sure about him...)
Sean Bean
Ron Jeremy
Toxic Avenger
Corey Feldman

Anonymous said...

That's a cool video and Albania is a cool country. Maybe the worst is over for them, but about ten years ago they were on the Italian news all the time for illegal immigration. The poverty was so bad there that thousands were coming over on boats of every dimension.

Verdant Earl said...

Steph - Mini-you, oh...Mini-Me! Well not me, but...crap!

Badger - correct on all five counts.

MikeB - and Eliza Dushku's father is from there!

Slyde said...

cant see this at work dammit! but it looks like all the picks have been picked....

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - that's not even half of them.

Anonymous said...

Kato Kalin (first "Celebrity)
Todd Bridges (With Gary Coleman
Dave Navarro (in Fridge)
JC Chazez (N'Sync)
Thora Birch
Tommy Lee
I think I saw Moby too.

Verdant Earl said...

WL Canine - was Moby in that video? Damn, that guy is everywhere! ;)

Mrs. Hall said...

Is that Dale Earnhardt, Jr in the Delorean?


How does one post a you tube video on their blog?

Any suggestions would be most helpful and appreciated.


Mrs. Hall

limpy99 said...

I'll have to check this out at home. I love Eliza Dushku, regardless of what that restraining order says.

Seals said...

I could have sworn no one guessed Dave Navaro, then I realized I was WRONG! Damn!

And I would terrorize Eliza Dushku. She's sooooooooooo hot!

Verdant Earl said...

Mrs. Hall - It's pretty simple. 1st - find the video you want to post on your blog. 2nd - if you are watching it on the YouTube site, then on the right there will be some html code for you to embed. If you are watching it someplace else, like here, you will see the code at the end of the video or by using the up arrow icon on the lower right of the screen to get to the menu page. 3rd - copy that html code into your clipboad (Ctrl-C). 4th - Go to your new post on Blogger and paste it (Ctrl-V) into your editor. I use the HTML editor, not the COMPOSE editor because it works better.

Ta da! Enjoy!

Verdant Earl said...

Limpy/ajooja - I'm thinking we could start a club. All you need at first are three members. Hehe. I said "members". hehe.

Mrs. Hall said...


I don't want to pimp my blog here, but the video I posted is called, "How to get a girlfriend if you’re a hopeless nerd" and it is awesome. I find it hilarious.

And like all things funny, there is a sad grain of truth to it. The truth I find is that my husband is a bit of a . . . IT guy. He knows what "Teh cake is a lie" means. (That line is referenced in the clip)

And he bagged a hottie, so there ya go, this video speaks a certain truth.

Thank you so much Mr. Earl!


Mrs. Hall

Verdant Earl said...

Mrs. Hall - most welcome! :)

elizabeth said...

OOH. Fun little game.

Verdant Earl said...

Liz - and yet you refrained from playing? Why so serious? ;)