Mar 29, 2009

Can't. Stop. Watching.

You know, I was gonna embed a video here that I have been enjoying all weekend.

But I would rather you go to Stacie Ponder's Final Girl site and watch it there.

It may be the most fabulous thing on the Intenets. Seriously.


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. All the kooky Icelandic kids are doing it.


Barlinnie said...

Worth the trip over.. I saw shades of Tina Turner, mixed in with just a smidgen of Shania Twain.

She's got acres more talent than Brit-knee, better jugs than Bjork, and definitely a better booty than Beyonce.

But can she sing?
Maybe just a wee bit.

Avitable said...

Um, wow.

limpy99 said...

That was hilarious. I wonder if the Dodge Mall is anywhere near the Taj Mahal?

Slyde said...

i dont care if you drive a far-eee!

Verdant Earl said...

Jimmy - that's a whole lot of a freakin' mess right there in that video.

Avitable - I think the "um" says it all more than the "wow".

Zibbs - She is my new favorite person in the world.

Limpy - the great thing is, she doesn't care either way.

Slyde - I love the hand pantomimes she does when she "duntcare iffew driveatruk!"

Michelle said...

HAHA that made my morning!!!

Paticus said...

That was great! Thanks for sharing that! And for pointing me to Final Girl's blog.A nice find.

Verdant Earl said...

Michelle - it makes my every day!

Paticus - yeah. For a horror film lover, there really isn't a better site.

jiggs said...

I'm with her. Let's have fun.

Verdant Earl said...

Jiggs - she definitely has the right idea. About something.