Mar 1, 2009

In like a lion... the saying goes.

It's March 1st and we here on LI are preparing for our biggest Winter Storm of the year. We've had a bunch of little storms already, dropping 1-3 inches or so. Nothing too major though. Tonight, by all forecasts I've seen, central and northern LI is expecting 6-10 inches of snow. Great! That is me being sarcastic, by the way.

I was just talking about snow the other day with Gia. I told her on Friday that I thought we were probably going to get one more storm before it warms up for the year. Looks like I was right. Sigh.

Oh, and for those of you quiz-maniacs (quiziacs?), the February game ended yesterday with these final standings:
  1. Me - 270 points (4 wins)
  2. Evyl - 239 points (1 win)
  3. Avitable - 233 points (6 wins)
  4. RW - 224 points (1 win)
  5. badgerdaddy - 211 (3 wins)
It should have been much closer than that, though. A bunch of folks missed some days on the quiz and missed out on some easy scoring. I know Adam had the highest per game score, but he missed 3 or 4 days in there.

Maybe someone will step up in March to take the title from the King. ;)

Also, any suggestions for Wednesday topics are certainly appreciated. Classic Rock Redux requested by badgerdaddy hits the quiz this week. What will next week bring?


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. All the fucking snowmen are doing it.


Avitable said...

I can't believe that you've managed to win every single damn month.

Dr Zibbs said...

How many times did I win the quiz?

Oh yeah.

Michelle said...

Ugh about the upcoming storm!!

I am just not feeling it!! Ya know?

Barlinnie said...

Look on the bright side.. cold beer guaranteed!

Verdant Earl said...

Avitable - mostly because I remember to play every day. You would have won in Feb had you not missed those few days.

Zibbs - only for a lack of trying. ;)

Michelle - I know.

Mr. Bytheway - cold beer is a boon no matter what the situation is.

savannah said...

i'll not complain about the rain heah, sugar! xoxox

RW said...

I'll support anything for Wednesdays except the shit kitsch crapola junk pile you and Adam are experts at.

(insert smiley showing how I'm kidding)

Verdant Earl said...

Savannah - rain, I don't mind.

RW - shit kitsch crapola junk pile it is. Thanks for the input. (insert same smiley here)