Jul 9, 2008

Stupid Bullets

Sitting here. Watching the Yankee game. Eating some ice cream. Thinking of stupid stuff. Like this:

J I mentioned the other day how much I love Haagen-Daz ice cream bars, but they aren't my true ice cream love. My true ice cream love is Friendly's Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream. The only problem is that Friendly's doesn't make it any more. So I have to settle for Rocky Road. Bleh! I don't want no nutz in my fucking ice cream. So tonight I bought Ben & Jerry's S'mores Ice Cream. Not bad. Just not what I really want. Sigh.

J Bullet points still don't work with this Blogger template. So you get the upper case letter "J" in webdings. Deal with it.

J This is something that really bothers me as a baseball fan. I hate it when announcers call a fair ball that bounces into the stands a "ground rule" double. It's not a ground rule double! It's an automatic double. In every park, a hit that goes out of play (in the stands) after bouncing in fair territory is an automatic double. There are no ground rules for it. It's something that all parks share. A ground rule double would be a ball caught in the ivy at Wrigley or one that somehow goes through the scoreboard at Fenway. THOSE are ground rule doubles. Based on the ground rules of those particular stadiums. What we see every day on the ESPN highlights are automatic doubles. But no one calls them that. I may be the only person who actually cares about this, but get it right people!

J Wow...I'm a tremendous baseball geek, aren't I?

J These guys picked the 10 manliest superheroes. I think they missed out on a few. They meant "manly" as in man-on-man, right?

J Speaking of superheroes, Gia and I watched Ichi the Killer the other night and we both really enjoyed it. It's an over-the-top action/comedy/horror kinda thingy. I thought of the Kill Bill films or Dead Alive right away. It made a lot more sense to me when I found out it was adapted from a Japanese comic-book. Ichi is a severely damaged superhero type. Complete with costume. You gotta love a movie whose title is first shown in a pool of semen. Real semen. Yowza!

J Zombies. I get zombies. I understand them. Their motivation...what makes them scary. I can come up with reasons why they would attack us. The living dead that needs fresh human flesh blah blah blah. That makes sense to me. What doesn't make sense to me are the infected thingies in 28 Days Later... and it's sequel. Ok...so the virus makes them bloodthirsty, right? Why don't they attack each other? I mean zombies might not attack each other because they can tell rotting flesh from live flesh, but the things in these films ARE alive. They just want blood and flesh and brains...so why don't they attack each other? Makes no sense to me. But zombies....zombies I get.

J Yesterday, ajooja pondered whether Maria Sharapova was actually hot or just hot in terms of tennis players. She's not really my type. Too tall and built like a 12 year-old boy up top. But if you are into that kinda thing, I give you this dude's top 10 hot foreign-born female tennis players. You are most welcome.

J If you like your women with a little more meat on them, check out the top 10 Gravure Idol models from Japan. I didn't really know what "Gravure Idol" meant either, but apparently they are bikini models with tremendously (fake?) large boobs. Once again, you are most welcome.

J Let's see...ice cream - check. Baseball - check. Superheroes - check. Zombies - check. Tits - double check! My work here is done. Asta la pasta! - Earl


Anonymous said...

What ths fuck's wrong with you???

Dude, BACON ice cream.

badgerdaddy said...

My take on 28 Days Later... is a simple one. The reason they don't attack each other is explained somewhere down the line, can't remember where though - something to do with smell, I believe. And Rage is, like most viruses, just trying to live and breed. They don't eat the bodies or anything like that, it's just an insane rage during which infected blood is exchanged, usually. None of that brain-eatingness or even the desire to. Well, that's what I reckon.

The problem I had with the sequel was the ridiculous idea that Robert Carlyle's character could somehow reason and follow his own kids, never mind stepping out of the line of fire of a big explosion... Didn't make any sense at all. Everything else though, top fun!

I'm just saying. It doesn't all make sense though, to be fair.

RW said...

< ul >
< li >one< /li >
< li >two< /li >
< li >three< /li >
< /ul >

Should make bullets. Just close the spaces I put in the tags.

Avitable said...

I love skinny athletic Russian female tennis pros.

Spinning Girl said...

This was quite entertaining!!!

Verdant Earl said...

bobgirrl - Ah...well, bacon goes with bourbon, ya see. Ice cream bacon? Hmmm.

badger - so if Rage is trying to live and breed, why doesn't it help the Ragers (?) eat a little? They all starved to death after the first film. And the manic spreading of the virus occurred more in the second film than the first. In the first the Ragers definitely ate their victims, I think.

RW - Numeric bullets work with this template, just not bullety bullets. It's a known issue and I think they are working on it. But thanks!

Avi - I love busty zoftig women from just about any country.

Verdant Earl said...

SG - Long time, no see. Thanks!

RW said...

Try it on the blog post field and hit preview. Close the tags around the letters and when you preview you should see

Werks fer me.

Slyde said...

rw is right on that count.. the code he gave you will not give you numbered bullets, but bullety bullets. i'd try it if i were u.

concerning zombies, i cannot quibble over the 28 days later zombies, since i loves me that film so fucking much.

also, at some point i have to loan you my issues of Walking dead. i just read issue 50 and the book is aces......

Verdant Earl said...

RW/Slyde - Nope...didn't work. It works in the preview section. So do the regular bullet points that Blogger offers in the "compose" mode. It's just when it publishes them on this template that it doesn't work. I published a test post with this code and it didn't work. It's only a problem with the template I am using. Thanks anyway!

RW said...

Stop by. It's up at my place. I think maybe it's because I reverted back to the old html style and don't do the stupid widget gidgets...

Mermaid Melanie said...

hi earl. I like mocha almond fudge. deal!

are those really super heros? I am so confused. and of those, i would pick wolverine. just cuz.

baseball. you forgot beer.


Verdant Earl said...

RW - Meme starter!!!

Mel - Yes..they are all superheroes, and I would pick Wolverine too!! You passed the test! WOOOHOOO!!!!

white rabbit said...

Ground rule double???

And again in colloquial Serbo-Croat - you might as well ;)

Pleae explain assuming next to no prior knowledge.

Bruce Johnson said...

Baseball, Ice Cream, Zombies and Boobies....you still have your youth tightly heald in your grasp.

Anonymous said...

Oh OH! So a bartender friend of mine knows your guys who make the BACON infused bourbon and found out how they do it! And guess who's going to be Tasting Girrl when he tries it!

Neener neener neener!

Verdant Earl said...

WR - This might help.

Lotus - Holding on with both hands and a rope tied around my waist tied to a very large tree. You betcha!

Bobgirrl - Very nice. Just remember, I was there first! Bacon-infused bourbon virgin! Ha! ;)

pure evyl said...

A lot of gravure idol work is posed as superheroines so you can check superhero's twice.

Verdant Earl said...

Evyl - I haven't been a fan of the gravure idols before, but they are winning me over with their...work.

Anonymous said...

Virgin my ass!

Verdant Earl said...

bobgirrl - You're an ass virgin? Me too! ;)